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Terms and Conditions

Payment is expected at the time a reservation is made. If the payment is not paid, the date for the reserved event shall be forfeited, allowing others to reserve the date. By reserving a Performer you agree to pay the amount due at or before the scheduled time of performance.

Should you need to cancel your performance; a 7 day notice is required in writing through e mail, with a response from Cincinnati Princess Party accepting the cancellation. A full refund will be given if performance is cancelled before 7 days. If the date of event needs to be moved due to unforeseen weather or serious (hospital related) illness or injury the payment may be used toward another date or forfeited; This may only occur when a level 2 emergency has been issued in the county where the performer is and/or the party is being held, if the parties are in different counties.
Any Performances cancelled 7 days prior to event, 50% of payment will be kept. No full refunds will be granted.

Refunds must be obtained by writing an email to Cincinnati Princess Party explaining the reason for the refund. Each performance is different and each refund will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Cincinnati Princess Party has the right to not refund/ refund 50%/ or refund the entire amount. All requests for refund must be reasonable (because your child did not like the hired performer and wanted a different character is not means for a refund.)

Party Etiquette/ Safety:
Princess Parties are for Children 12 and under. An adult responsible for the attendees must remain with the children at all times; even when a Princess is “hosting” a party. Princesses are not responsible for any child care, injury, or death of a child in attendance. Princesses are hired for entertainment purposes only. The well-being and safety of our Princess and attendees is of the upmost importance. If the Princess feels unsafe for any reason she has the right to end the party and not refund the amount paid. The safety of the attendees is the responsibility of the adult /host/guardian of the children in attendance. Any gifts given are only given with the permission of the adult who hired the performer, therefore the adult who hired the performer takes responsibility for all safety associated with the gift after it is given to the child.

Character Representation:
All performers, costumes, and accessories, and gifts used in or at a Cincinnati Princess Party are not from a licensed movie company. We strive to show a likeness to movie princess characters. We do not try to infringe upon any movie rights or licensing from any of the characters we represent. By hiring one of our performers you agree to accept the princesses we portray are similar but not exactly like any used in movies or television.